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The trio of women are a damaged group also. Daniela in particular consents to her abuse, believing she deserves it.

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Her imprisonment and subsequent humiliation is a hard watch. We basically watch Claudio interact with the three women, always individually, like a dirty reality TV show. Cavallone includes a number of interesting and creative shots I found quite pleasing.

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Blue Movie has a very nice nightmarish, almost surreal feeling about it. I was especially fond of the finale. Be warned that Blue Movie is as trashy as it is artful: its perversion, madness, trauma, bodily fluids and softcore sex will be unpalatable for many. The scat scenes will be the amateurstraightguys com likely to engrave themselves into the memory.

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She defecates in a litter box and then scrapes her feces into movie cigarette packages. She is later photographed by Claudio while covering herself in her own feces. Blue Movie was made on a low-budget and shot over seven days with non-professional actors who had no script to follow.

Two prints of the film exist: a 16mm Italian theatrical release and a pirated 8mm version. Rose invites Hedge to stay with her family for a few days, where Baby bunks with her brother, Barney. Rose and Hedge fall in love, and he eventually tells her the truth of his story, saying that he has chosen to stay quiet stoya voracious he does not want the real Raider to get in trouble for deserting.

Hedge finds the boys first, and they admit that they are sick of being unfairly held and are naively trying to get home to San Francisco. Phelps spots the 1978 from a nearby ridge and shoots, hitting Blue, who falls into the rapids of a rushing mountain stream.

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The Japanese-American boys, aided by Mr. Elmore and a repentant Phelps, barely save the heavily bleeding Hedge from drowning. Thinking he might die, Hedge tells Rose to tell everyone his true story.

Third Army. Most elements were filmed in McCloud, California with the scene at a local football game filmed in Weed, California at the high school. A couple of scenes were shot at the old Amtrak Museum, at mainside at Camp Pendelton. It showed one of the rare times Mount Shasta was shown in a motion picture.

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Vincent also stars in Tribesanother film that features the Marine Corps. Maurizio Centini Cinematography. Martial Boschero Producer. Danielle Dugas Cast. Claude Maran Cast. Joseph Dickson Cast.

Leda Simonetti Cast. Dirce Funari Cast. Show all 5. Henri de Corinth. December 29, 0. March 14, 0. Il secondo maestro del revolver. June 27, 0.


baby blue movie 1978 fucking image of pornography A new one every day. A woman escapes from being raped only to find herself trapped by a sado-masochistic photographer who, among other nasty things, gets off on consuming fresh human excrement. Hard to evaluate For a better experience on MUBI, update your browser. Now Showing Rentals Feed Notebook. Blue Movie. Directed by Alberto Cavallone.
baby blue movie 1978 vietnam girl solo porn It was a film that should have startled all sexy film lovers because it was an anti-establishment film. What others consider beauty enrages him and provokes him to abuse a trio of women in his life. Its softcore sex, scat, urination and heavily misogynist vibe will make it unsavory for many viewers. It is not without some weirdness, but Blue Movie is more unsettling than weird. The woman is Sylvia who is picked up by photographer Claudio and taken to his home. Claudio questions her story, which Sylvia admits is not completely truthful; despite this he gives her shelter. She has flashbacks and hallucinations of being attacked.
baby blue movie 1978 nude pics of lady stephanie The feature film was produced by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldbergboth of whom were better known for their television work. He is sent home in an unadorned baby blue uniformleftover military surplus, as most recruits sent their civilian clothes home, thus the derogatory designation Baby Blue Marine. Traveling by bus to his home in St. LouisHedge meets a Marine Raider veteran at a stopover. The young, battle-scarred and highly decorated Marine has aged beyond his years with prematurely gray hair. As the Raider doesn't wish to return to the war, he knocks out Hedge and trades uniforms with him. Now penniless, with only the Raider uniform for clothing, Hedge hitchhikes towards St.
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