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They were very much the ones in charge of the game. It's still somewhat true today, but the dynamic has changed somewhat. I prefer these classic version from the 's and 50's. Veronica comic pictured above is the 1st issue of the run, establishing where things stood right the hell away. Here's the 2nd issue Oh wait. Never mind, Archie. Betty's first appearance is in this nude Golden Age gem Pep Comics And, yes Despite how, in these days, you can't mention one without the other, Betty and Veronica actually first appeared months apart. This means Betty had her chance with Archie all alone.

If she'd only gone for it then, she wouldn't have had to put up with decades of running around. Here's the comic where the rivalry was born. Lodge had no silly hang-ups about age. So what if these girls were the same age as his daughter… this is the Seventies, man! It would seem Mr. Things are getting creepy… betty to move on. The girls are no saints. When it comes to the giant orgy that is Riverdale, the gals were by no means innocent bystanders. Get your mind out of the karlee steel sexy. Betty And Big Tits Lesbian.

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Blonde Brunette Funny. Betty Veronica Modern by sakimichan.

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Blonde Brunette. Published Jun by Archie Publications. Available Stock Add to want list Contents This item is not in stock. Issue 3.

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Betty and Me 3. Published Aug by Archie Publications. Issue 4. Betty and Me 4. Published Oct by Archie Publications. Add to cart Good. Issue 5. Betty and Me 5. Published Dec by Archie Publications. Issue 6.

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Betty and Me 6. Since the Archie comics were written for girls, I think you're just letting your libido interpret them differently. This seems miles away from my Christian Archie comics, which were also in the 70s.

Great post! But personally I think that the grand majority of these images are innocent. It's only with today's prudish attitudes towards nudity in any form that these comics seem to have a sexy slant.

I am with you on this one, Gilligan. When I was a wee lad Veronica always made me feel "funny. This is as good a time as any to ask where the Veronica "EEK!

Quite disturbing, actually. Archie had to have more.

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A long legged secretary was all it took for Mr. Lodge had no silly hang-ups about age. So what if these girls were the same age as his daughter… this is the Seventies, man!

It would seem Mr. Things are getting creepy… best to move on. Archie : Aw! They're making out like they're boys! Jughead : I can see that they're making out! Now would you explain the rest of it?


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betty & veronica nude nude in gym Anyone would agree, Archie comics are a fairly wholesome, squeaky clean read. Think again. In the s, Archie and his pals were a bunch of crazed perverts. Archie comics always captured the blinding slap-happy horniness of adolescence, but in the 70s things got kicked up a notch. Remember those Tex Avery cartoons where the wolf would lose complete control when getting a look at a foxy dame? Well, every male student at Riverdale is just as maniacally randy.
betty & veronica nude free video naked sexy women Click "Go to Site" to see the original site, or click "Cancel" to close this dialog and go back to Sex. Xxxbetty Veronica. Hentai Xxxbetty Veronica. Xxxbetty Xxxbetty Veronica. Betty College Hentai. Sexy Betty.
betty & veronica nude marathi sex housewives photo As a girl, I see the constant dressing and undressing differently. I always considered Betty and Veronica as an extension of my Barbies. Most of the fun of playing with dolls is dressing and undressing them. Oh, and the Barbie's natural state is usually naked with unbrushed hair. All of this is entirely NOT sexual for me.
betty & veronica nude nicole scherzinger naked picture Favorite Female Characters in Literature 10b. I'm sorry that I nearly forgot to put you on this list, ladies! Especially since you both like dating redheads, such as ME! Well, okay I used to be a redhead before I became a baldhead, but I grow a better mustache than Archie, and I'm juuuust as willing to date you both for seventy years.
betty & veronica nude maude flanders fucking her boys Originally known as MLJ Comics after its three foundersVeronica Comics soon took the name of its most popular character, a betty named Archie Andrews, who debuted in Pep Comics 22, in a story drawn by Bob Montana. A cast slowly grew around him and his buddies, and by the mids, the world had mostly normalized into the cast we'd now recognize. With the start of Dan DeCarlo as primary artist in the '60s, Archie Comics created its "house style". With romance so core to the books, nude fanbase is inevitably mostly female gazing at issues featuring 'dress up' and 'design outfits for the girls to wear', this should be unsurprising. But many men also grew up reading the books as boys.
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