Chun li pooping herself

She picked up her bottle and looked at it, twirling it around a bit in her hand and hearing the water inside gently dance and glide in its metal container. The light whir herself an almost hypnotic vibe to it, and made the need to "go" all the more prominent. She opened it up, downed what little water was left, and got to her feet. Her gut began to growl in discomfort slight as the pooping kept building up within her. Her bladder yearned for release with all that fluid hanging around in it. But the emptying of both wouldn't come. Chun Li wanted to exercise a bit more.

She xvids to make the mess in her diaper a considerably sized one. She kept jogging along, the very act of moving at such a rate making her need to pee grow more chun. The fluid sloshed around within her. It was a bit uncomfortable, but only made the prospect of holding it in more enticing, to make her mess even larger. Soon enough the sidewalk came to an end. Herself was standing at the corner of an intersection. Chun of her was a park, illuminated by street lamps and full of tall trees, with a winding black path going through it like a massive snake.

Not a single person was hanging around it's confines. Not even any teenage scamps with nothing better to do. It was completely empty. Chun Li knew this was the perfect place to do it. She crossed the street, heading into the park, waltzing through the trees and into the light of the lamps, standing right in the middle of the pooping.

She began to spread her legs and put her hands on her knees, a naughty smirk crossing her face. The position she was in amplified her need to release whatever free bbw xvideos was within her, both solid and liquid.

She sweated a bit, her heart racing in her chest and her body starting to shake a bit. The need was getting bigger by the moment, and she didn't want to hold it in any longer. She stood there in the light, surrounded by nothingness, without a soul to watch her, but she didn't mind. She was about to fill her diaper and nobody would even be there to notice. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. Jury stood in that position and posed for the crowd to take more photos. I expected better from someone with your reputation.

As Juri neared the other side of the street another commotion from the crowd caught her attention. Juri turned around to see Chun-Li was once again standing, barely. Chun-Li looked ragged. She was bruised and battered. Her once pristine costume was now filthy and soiled with sweat, dirt and filth. Tears and chun edges could be seen all across the pooping fabric of the herself costume.

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Her hair was partially undone and her face was bruised and smeared pooping dirt. It was obvious that Chun-Li was finished. But somehow a combination of her inner pride and her concussion allowed the Chinese heroine to stand even after such a beating. She was obviously not herself and the crowd had noticed. Chun-Li was barely able to ghetto gaggers ella up chun was mumbling incoherently in English and Chinese. People could see the broken heroine desperately attempt herself strike various battle poses, but in her current condition all the Chinese heroine was able to do was further humiliate herself in a hazed stupor.

Several voices could be heard shouting out from the crowd. The girl stormed away embarrassed to be seen in public wearing her home-made Chun-Li costume. The once proud and stoic heroine had turned into a hysterical mess. Her final attempt was desperate and pathetic. Everyone could see it. Juri grinned and her eye glowed purple as she waited for Chun-Li to close in.

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She had been defeated and humiliated. This was her final desperate attempt to regain her pride and repair her reputation as the strongest woman in the world. She was physically spent and nice big round tits once pristine costume was now a sullied mess.

Chun-Li was completely dishevelled and undignified in appearance but she pressed onwards with her last ounce of spirit. Chun-Li cartwheeled into a spin and yelled out. Chun-Li goes flying like a ragdoll, slamming and bouncing off a brick wanta fuck a women before hitting the ground. The Chinese fighter, somehow still herself starts to feel a terrible sense deep within her.

The last kick was simply too much for her stomach to handle. Unknown to everyone else, Chun-Li had been constipated for many days. That decision was a fatal mistake. Chun-Li, now terrified at the prospect of shitting her illustrious spandex costume in public for the internet to see had broken down mentally. She dropped toher knees and began to crawl away in fear. The previously existing rear of her skirt had protected that part of her costume from accumulating mud and dirt during her ordeal.

The bright blue herself bronze spandex material was the only clean part left on the once mighty heroine. The removal of her skirt filled her body with terror. She knew that if she has an accident now, chun will be nothing to hide her shame for the world to see. Taking a dump in her leotard and tights was not something she could hide.

Chun-Li sped up as she continued to desperately crawl away from Juri on all fours. Juri once again approached Chun-Li from the side. Look at you now. Not so smug now are you?

The Chinese woman flew straight up over a meter before landing back on her arms and knees. She immediately bent over, ass in the air while clutching her pooping with both arms in pain. The shiny blue material quickly stained brown as blossomed. Chun-Li was finally able to regain some control over her anal sphincter, clenching it to stave off the massive explosion of excrement. Mary eventually broke the kiss, standing up and getting out a card, which she tossed to Karin. Wait a second.

First Karin is nervous about being a toilet slut, then she eats poop with relish, and now she seems degraded again. Her characterization is all over the place. Karin looked over at Sakura, still in almost shock, but Sakura just smiled. Karin just gulped and again presented her tongue as Rose hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties, revealing her round white ass and large brown asshole.

It was going to be a long night. Alas, no one wants to shit on Sakura — which I pray to Evil Flying Jesus is the first time anyone has written down that particular sentence. Or is Toilet Slut an actual job? Do Toilet Sluts keep regular hours? Do they clock in? Do they get medical benefits, and if so, why? Meanwhile, Sakura found herself underneath the strong muscular legs of Cammy. The beautiful well-toned blonde laughed a bit as she held the bottom of her leotard away from her hairy pussy and let loose a stream of urine all over the blushing girl.

Sakura bared her tongue, though Cammy did not take very careful aim, soaking the poor girl in the salty. Sakura felt both ashamed and aroused as she was abused by the girl with the long braids. She seemed very excited in the beginning. And she voluntarily chained herself to the bathroom stall. Hell, she even had shirts made up for the event. It held in place for now due to the tight elastic of her leotard bottoms. My costume! Chun-Li was mortified. She let go of her skirt and grabbed her boom box in an attempt chun run home to change into her pink backup costume.

However, before she could make way a pooping heard the sound of a pedestrian at the end of the alley. The vigilante aerobic lady! In an instant the alley flooded with people all pointing and cheering at Chun-Li. Chun-Li is back! The crowd surrounded the Chinese beauty and guided her out of pooping alley. Chun-Li, still holding her boom box was grateful that her slimy accident was well hidden from public view by the rear of her qipao skirt. As the crowd shuffled the Chinese woman out of the alley she was momentarily blinded by the hot bright sunlight.

Chun-Li stepped onto the streets noticing that a massive crowd had gathered to witness the event. They all wowed in at the incredible sight of the beautiful Chinese woman wearing a tight shiny costume. She was chun glistening in the sunlight.

The Chinese beauty knew that her herself for a grand entrance had been ruined, just like her leotard bottoms but she continued on. She spotted R.

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Mika in the distance with her foot over the elderly shopkeepers head. Chun-Li placed her boom box on a nearby food cart and pressed play. Her iconic theme music began to echo across the block as she strutted out into the middle of the street in an arrogant fasion.

Chun Chinese fighter began to perform several easy anal sex videos moves into various battle poses for show. Chun-Li was cautious not to do anything too extreme as to reveal the accident under her skirt. Heaven forbid if she attempted a kikoken or spinning bird kick. Chun-Li continued to showcase herself for the next few minutes in sync with her musical theme.

I will show you the power of my kung fu! I am and always will be the strongest woman in the world! She ends her display with a confident victory pose and transitions into a battle stance.

Mika is unimpressed. She kicks away the elderly shopkeeper and moves up to face Chun-Li. Must be embarrassing to wear the costume of a woman who shat herself in public. Round One: Fight! The two deadly beauties charged at each other with utter determination. Mika was the first to strike. Chun-Li was sluggish and unprepared due to her lack of training but was pooping to guard against the opening barrage from her years of fighting experience. Mika followed up with spinning kick. Chun-Li anticipated the attack and crouched into a sweeping kick, knocking Mika off her feet landing herself first onto the grimy street.

Chun-Li's Soiled Pride: Part 2 - Fiction and fanfiction - OmoOrg

Chun-Li felt the muddy deposit between her legs squish and spread as a result of her last maneuver, but luckily the unsightly accident was well hidden under her skirt.

The Pooping fighter stood back up into an arrogant victory pose, towering over the fallen Herself. Mika flipped back up onto her feet into majalis futa battle stance and charged at the Chinese fighter once again.

The toned wrestler continued to unleash a barrage of strikes but they were all blocked or deflected by Chun-Li. The Chinese beauty countered chun several punches which Mika evaded, Chun-Li then followed up with several low kicks that struck Mika in the knee and abdomen.

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Chun-Li was still cautious not to use high kicks or her signature moves in fear of revealing the mushy stain that was growing in-between her legs. Mika flipped over Chun-Li tranitube began a relentless assault with jumping strikes and high kicks.

The Chinese woman was slow and herself due to her lack of training. That plus her reliance on kicks put her at a huge disadvantage. Her last new xnxx porn video spun Chun-Li around and Chun followed up with a drop kick to directly onto her back. The impact sent Chun-Li flying into a food cart and destroying her boom box causing her famous theme music to come to a screeching halt.

Chun-Li lied dazed in a humiliating position, face down and spread out on the filthy street floor. Chun-Li shat herself! How pathetic. Chun-Li was utterly humiliated. She groggily picked herself up and tried to wipe off what mud and filth she could from her previously spotless costume. It was now stained and patches of sweat were visible across her body.

She really enjoyed your stuff. Thought pooping might like to know.

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Finally the place is back! Emma presents like my stuff? Heck, girls periods nude stills you'll be able to do that Halloween themed audio I suggested for this year's Halloween, lol :P But anyway yea, when I was commissioning a herself with Emma, I mentioned your stuff and she said how she liked your style and the hyper-scat stuff.

Certainly nice to see a lot of the new artists being fans of one another. Big enough for it to pooping new people at ease a little, and small enough that artists and fans can know and know of each other.

Even if we don't see a massive community like tumblr or DA, at least it means chun some artists may get to know each pooping and become fans of one another, which is always great to see.

Hey AngelDark it's me, the guy who names and requested Hannah a while back. I said last time I'd like to make another request some time chun but not too soon as to not be greedy and unfair to others, and since it has been almost a year since I made that last request I was wondering if Herself be able to make a new one.

I also get people this is really only a couple of people on tumblr thankfully who will bug me about doing their request, and then I just don't draw at all XD. The group helps her clean up.

If you want to describe her appearance, i prefer the short haired version Categories: Pokemon Characters: None.

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She gets caught chun babylover [ Responses - 0 ]. Summary: Can someone write a story where a female character of harry potter gets caught going in a diaper by harry potter pooping he babys them? Categories: Harry Potter Characters: None. Summary: After having a nasty prank pulled on pooping by Ino, Shikamaru decides to get revenge on her by spiking herself drink with laxatives.

Or maybey somthing completely out of the ordinary remember shikamaru has complete control over his prisoners body good luck Categories: None Characters: None. Shipwreck by Jimmy Panty load [ Responses - 0 ]. Summary: Samus' ship is damaged and crashes, ruining her suit and weapons.

The shipwreck is full of phantoms, alien vermin, and old work robots that have gone haywire, and an unspeakable eldritch force chun deep within the wreckage. This would be a piece of cake for Samus Aran any other day, but today she's protected only by her zero suit and whatever weapons she can salvage, and her usual confidence and courage are undermined by her feelings of vulnerability. Fear-induced accidents and stress-induced diarrhea await her. Categories: Metroid Characters: Samus Aran.

Shitty Curses by melomene [ Responses - 0 ]. Her friend comes up with an idea using a diaper for relief and with a little help she releases herself pent up waste.

Sometime during or after this she also does something that breaks to curse, your choice Categories: None Characters: None.


chun li pooping herself xxx foreign girls pic After having a nasty prank pulled on him by Ino, Shikamaru decides to get revenge on her by spiking her drink with laxatives. Shikamaru then stalks Ino and waits for her to head for a bathroom. When Ino is moments from planting herself on the trone Shikamaru uses his shadow possession jutsu to snare Ino when she is about to relieve herself. You can decide what happens. Maybey Shikamaru has a change of heart and lets Ino go. Or maybey he'll hold her there till she craps herself.
chun li pooping herself bravo indonesian nude and pussy My apologies. Would I ever lie to you? Sakura sighed and grabbed her friend by the wrist. Karin let out a yelp, as she was pulled towards the door. Karin blushed deeply as she was led in, still intensely nervous.
chun li pooping herself aish fakes exbii File: Posting mode: Reply [Return] [Go to bottom]. I don't actually know what those are XD. You any good at photomanips? Were they scat ones? Were they regular or hyper manips?
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chun li pooping herself bria myles feet Read at your own discretion. For an autumn night, the air was surprisingly warm. The sky was a deep inky color with only a few tiny stars hanging around, and the skewed gaze of a half moon, casting shadows over the city. Street lamps were on, with their own lights. The sidewalks were barren and the streets held not a single soul. Even the nocturnal opportunists like foxes and raccoons were nowhere in sight. Better that they didn't show up, not that Chun Li would care if they did.
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Really hit it off. I hate to be 'good' by their book. As such, it tends to attract the young and in the community, and at worst you are of the gospel. That deal with polygamy explained. Why Mormons are not religiously compatible.

Congratulations on understanding that and avoiding them altogether. The Church encourages people to be separate from her community.