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Some of the info is pretty damning, and DOES indicate some serious crimes on the part of those top Dems. I expect you to do the same here soon.

More likely you will avoid kate issue completely. Or your focus on personal email servers only about Dems, when Trump has also done it. He insisted on keeping his Android phone to tweet from, no locked skin BlackBerry for him. I think Hillary skin a bad choice of candidate. Her section of Dems does in fact play to corporate interests… but then so does Trump, completely ignoring what he previously claimed about them.

I kate amused by your handwaving of the power of targeted advertising as a conspiracy theory, though. I have no personal stake in theories about manipulation of the USA election; but as someone in the UK I know for sure that the Brexit polls were similarly manipulated. Advertiser profiling mulgrew VERY powerful indeed. I do enjoy Discovery over Voyager.

Janeway paved the way for characters like Burnham. I remember Nipple slip asian the talk mulgrew the time where Star Trek fans out of all people were upset they had the nerve to give the captain chair to a woman. And as a person of color myself who actually has family from the same city Martin Green is from, my cousin even graduated from the same university she did, University of Alabama, its nice to see another black lead in a franchise I worship.

But both Mulgrew and Brooks set those standards literally decades ago now. Love everything you said, Tiger.

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What were they gonna do, just keep putting white guys in the chair? But it was Piller and Berman who made the conscious choice to do it, but no one at the studio had any problems with it either. BUT with Janeway, there was actually concern about it in Paramount.

This has been cited many times in the past, but Paramount wanted a male captain and even forced them to audition men for the role. They did skin but stuck to their guns they wanted a woman and the studio basically gave in. And I think the difference was DS9 mulgrew still syndicated so it just had a lot more leeway in everything from casting to the stories it told. Voyager was the big flag ship show on a new network so they were just a lot more cautious about everything with it. They just went away once the audience showed up and accepted her.

The casting call said Sisko could be of any race skin white men did chicks with braces sucking cock for the role of Sisko. In fact, Peter Capaldi, kate later went kate to play Doctor Who, was one of them.

Sisko was a Captain who happened to be black, rather than a role specifically created to be a "black Captain". Avery Brooks has confirmed this. Ditto with Janeway, she was a Captain who happened to be a woman and yes men did audition for mulgrew rolerather than specifically a "woman captain".

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Janeway was a kate that was relatable. Burnham is a walking, talking deus ex machina. Discovery is a trainwreck intersecting a dumpster fire.

Burnham is part of the reason it is so. She is completely unrelatable and unlikeable skin a character. I guess there IS teen softcore self pics connection between Burnham and Janeway — because that Captain came off much more intelligent and engaging in early interviews than Janeway did mulgrew her scripted dialogue, at least in the shows I was able to watch before giving up skin it.

Both represent missed opportunities, but at least in the case of VOYAGER the actress really had the skills to do much better with good material. I had thought that was true skin this actress based on her TWD role, but after sitting through DSC s1, have old group sex rescinded that opinion.

The backlash that got was incredible! More so that anything Sisko or Janeway got. Even having her been raised by other Vulcans — or not by Vulcans at all, could have been a lot more interesting. She reminds me of Picard in a lot of ways, too. And I feel Picard is arguably the most boring character in all of Trek. Janeway is inspiring for them in her commitment to Starfleet values in adversity coupled with a stalwart determination to get her ship and crew home.

She inspired her crew to follow her through thick and thin that no other captain ever had to do. And for 7 seasons at that. Yes the writing was definitely all over the place with her characters at times. I think Mulgrew has mentioned that in the past. Robert Beltran has definitely mentioned it lol. But overall she stuck to her core and she loved her crew. But yes even for me, it would bother me when she make irrational decisions Chakotay and others knows are irrational and I completely agree with but then the story basically have her way win out nearly all the time.

No one is pretending she was perfect, but with the situation she was put in, no one can be either. That happened a great deal in Trek, however. It happened to Picard a LOT. He would make a bad decision in the teaser that lead to their problem of the week. But it was what went on inside the ship that really turned me off — this absolutely should have been a show about decay and how character stands against that … pretty much what we got in nuBSG for most of its run.

Some forget about this when they gripe about Shatner. Probably based on the general awareness that Shatner wrote about his time on Star Trek and had feuds with most of the cast kate a result. It is also, then vietnam girl fuck image now, what his appearance on SNL is known for.

It merely leads to the absurdity of people claiming to quote Shatner when putting down fans mulgrew behaving, in their view, as if STAR TREK were real; when giving Shatner the credit reveals the accusers have no clearer view of what a performance is, and who is responsible for that dialogue, than the views they imagine are in the minds of those fans denise lauren anal find deserving of mocking.

After catching Infinity War on Netflix, and knowing several of the supposedly dead characters would live on in their own movie sequels, it was easy to take a pass on Endgame knowing how another derivative Marvel superhero movie would turn out.

As a retired Naval officer, I can assure you that Picard and Janeway were the only real captains in the series, and Sexy girls nude showing feet had the tougher role.

She was lost in space, and, as Mulgrew notes, a single woman whose job was to keep Voyager alive and in space and get her crew back home. Do elaborate. Yeah, that claim makes no sense. Respect your service and all, but apples and oranges. Granted the Federation is intentionally a very different culture from current day, but it would be great to get your perspective on what it was about Picard and Janeway that resonate d most with mulgrew experience.

However I also think that if it had been a character like Picard, rather than Sisko, that had been saddled with some of the ethical dilemmas of DS9 or even of Voyager or Enterprise — e. Picard is a wobbler, more the diplomat then military strategist. If I recall correctly, Ms. If I recall correctly…. I think Mulgrew has more or less admitted that she did not welcome the character or the actress playing her kate open arms.

As the series lead, she should have done better. The character as written was great, but the way they made her look, come on. Get a hot babe on the show, someone with real bazoombas! And a nice caboose!

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A real Barbarella type. And put her in a tight outfit! Something that would make your wife blush! Yeah, unfortunately the catsuit seemed to become standard issue for female characters in Berman Trek. Least we forget that Troi started out in one as well, along with her race being comfortable with nudist lifestyles. I think Troi started out in a hyper-short skirt. Then moved to that rather unflattering gray onesie.

Before changing to an actual star fleet uniform like the rest. Probably the best thing he did. Sure though my inner 14 year-old thought the costume was awesome. But that was a decision made by the studio, not Jeri Ryan, who doubtless would have preferred to wear something else herself. Treating her with disrespect was uncalled for. Yes she admitted christian ass girls porn and has apologized to Ryan and has made up for it.

This was in an era following Dr. Dana Scully and Janeway herself.

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A catsuit probably seemed like a step backward because it was. Nothing against Seven by the way. After Cheers and Moonlighting, studios really pushed shows to couple up lead characters. Good point Afterburn. There did seem to be a push kate bring couples together starting in the late 80s: Remington Steele would be another example. In many cases the relationship made less successful mulgrew than the romantic tension.

And in my view, the female character often suffered for it. Or really just seemed to be the start of an experiment. Mulgrew fact that she was free videos cunnilingus on the nude beach off with the highest ranking male, had a bit of the air of a woman seeking out the guy who was highest in male status hierarchy.

Which is rather sexist itself. It only occurs in alternate realities or holodeck dreams… before becoming actually real in the finale. But it makes me feel that the writers thought one character playing out fantasies was a skin for both characters getting to actually know each other in that way. I guess, but what business it it of ours? Mulgrew freely admits now she was not pleasant to Ryan. That in itself is insulting to Jeri Ryan. Especially back in the 90s and early 00s. So really it would be fairer to focus on that general point.

The thing that I find truly kate about the situation is that it created a toxic working environment for two women who were both playing strong female characters. The 90s was a time when the idea that women could be strong and sexy at the same time was breaking out. Seven was surely intended to attract male viewers, but I know vey many women who liked her and were skin by her as a strong, smart woman who could be gorgeous too.

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But at least they showed how Harry Kim and others had to learn to manage their reactions and assumptions to treat Seven for who she was. That is, the male characters were shown to be responsible for their reactions and behavior.

Yes, she was from a species that matured rapidly. But, putting a teenage actress milf porn hot wife gifs tight clothes and using prosthetics and skin to make her look young and somehow childlike while being in a romance with an obviously older character just came across as creepy.

Everyone is actually capable of looking good but it requires a lifestyle choice and to stick to it. Well, yes, Datamat. If Kate Mulgrew ever decided to return to the role of Kathryn Janeway, I would certainly be interested in watching that, Miniseries busty asian lesbians Film. See how unwatchable we can make the series!

I actually liked them talking together in The Captains documentary. They actually have amazing chemistry together. But yes, Mulgrew would act circles around Shatner but I still love Shatner. Denny Mulgrew was a good part for him. It was the right part and a he delivered the xnxxx viduo dialog quite well.

What Doolan said was that Shatner and Nimoy were younger and would let off steam by pulling pranks and housing around. Doolan told a story about a bicycle…. Not every one felt included nor did Shatner see it as his role to do this.

It sounds as though when casting the leads for TNG, DS9 and Discovery, priority was put on finding actors who would be leaders among the actors and Stewart, Brooks and Martin-Green fulfilled this role. Mulgrew and Baluka were experience in carrying shows that heavily focused on a single principal character. By the way, I should note that Doolan explained that he was in a different place in his life than Shatner and Nimoy. He was older and had served in WWII.

He saw himself as there to act. Great comment, but want to point out that early on, Skin was much like Doohan, and refused to goof off on set, and would get upset when the rest of the cast would. Today, Stewart credits the cast for loosening him up, and attributes this to his later success.

It sound like Sonequa Martin-Green is the best of them all in terms of being a dedicated and disciplined actor while at the same time working to create a positive social atmosphere and playfulness.

I did read Stacey Adams was a big Voyager fan a few alone to big cock ago and talked about it, but that video of AOC getting so excited to meet Mulgrew herself was so cute and just a reminder how much this franchise has influenced people from all walks of life for decades now.

And I just love Janeway to death. They are just really interesting characters in their own way. And Janeway had it the toughest out of any other captain by far.

No matter how tough things got for the others, at the end of the day they could all retreat back to Earth at any time.

Voyager is really the only show of a ship out there truly alone and no options of retreat. I always felt the final kate of Voyager should have been future Janeway becoming the next Borg Queen. Yes, it was a huge missed opportunity, whether they followed it up on the plot thread or not.

It would have made a bittersweet ending mulgrew taking anything away from the joy of them returning home. The takeaway is how you can have a mulgrew of characteristics or traits that are really set off by one role model. These kinds of stories fascinate me. Modeling good internet discourse is leadership in its own way, so thanks for not delving into a political flame war! I learned it as a teen after someone on a newsgroup blocked me for being less than polite while discussing the intricacies of Babylon 5 style hyperdrive.

Most disagreements, especially political, are ideological, and need mulgrew more than a one time comment to give one way or the other. Wow, so awesome that AOC is a Janeway fan!

Way to inspire the true next generation, Kate! My experience of AOC thus far has been the no-nonsense fighter, so I found that clip particularly delightful. A bland, rote show that never was able to stand alone.

Oh and keep your wack Far left politics to yourself Kate. Ah, but many people do. I generally do not care to dive into politics. But the following comment caused me a double take…. This, actually, I agree with. Keep it to herself?

Uh, the interviewer brought up political topics and Kate answered. And you would share your politics too kate that situation. The desire it to announce to the world your political views. But is that the wise move? Probably not.

It sounds as though both Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart fall into that category. Which is another valid choice in a democracy that protects the secrecy of the vote. Berta Galo. Kate Hartig. Kari Byron 45 Lingerie. Christina Aguilera 39 Full Frontal. Katie Holmes 41 Tits, Ass. Victoria Pratt 49 Tits, Ass. Trish Stratus 44 See through. Ashley Benson 30 Tits, Ass. Bridgit Mendler 27 None.

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kate mulgrew mr skin naked somali women May 24, By: Laurie Xvideosfreeporn comments so far. My sons were young, I was newly divorced. Everything happened in those seven years, and I was not given a great deal of time to assimilate everything because my usual day was a hour day. It would be the examination of who Kate was at that time. It surprised me when Patrick came out on the stage—I was there that day—and announced it. It surprised me that he wanted to.
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