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Star Trek: The Next Generation. Season 6. Episode Season 2. February 20, Archived from the original on The Star Trek Encyclopedia. Pocket Books. Second Edition. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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March 27, Season 7. Episode 5. October 18, Episode 3. October 10, Season 4. Episode 1. October 2, Season 5. September 30, Episode 8. February 6, May 22, November 9, Episode 6. October 31, Season 1. Episode 9. February 22, Name of a Klingon military freighter commanded by Captain Dolras.

A town on Qo'noS. Tolar'tu is the site of a fierce battle fought by Kahless and his men against Molor's forces and is the location where the modern Klingon civilization rule first founded by Kahless following his victory.

Klingon warrior. Tolz epetai Kenran. Klingon warrior and eldest son of the House of Maang. He served aboard the space yacht Katon under Captain Alons. A Klingon mineral richly deposited throughout taD. Topaline is used to manufacture atmospheric domes. He was rescued by Worf from the Carraya system rule taken in by the House of Lorgh. While serving aboard that ship, he challenged and killed Lieutenant Kegren for dishonoring himself and the IKV Gorkon. For his actions, Toq was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as Second Officer aboard that ship.

Toragh was also a blacksmith. He was responsible for making twitch streamer nip slips first bat'leth at klingon crater of the Kri'stak volcano. Klingon warrior and Executive Officer to Commander Kruge. He serves as the ships helmsman. Son of Kmpok from the House of Klingon. A Klingon warrior and father of Pok.

A large animal native to Rura Penthe. Killing one was considered to be an impressive feat. Sometimes anglicized as torgot. Klingon warrior and personal bodyguard to Kiruc. Torgis was a member of the Kamorh'dag. Klingon warrior and Commander of the Klingon warship Kormak.

A rank in the Klingon Security Forces roughly equivalent to a sergeant; comprising first and second rank levels. A Klingon term refering to a moment of unspoken communication shared between indiviuals during battle. Usually, much meaning is said without the use of words. A type of Klingon tree used to make hunting bows. A Klingon herb. Tea which is made from trannin leaves treats certain types of food poisoning.

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A spaceship battle formation for 3 ships with port engines inward. Klingon meteorologist. She was sent to Bersallis III to study the firestorms. Trohka was recipient of many awards for her work and was fond of bloodwine.

Klingon warrior and second in command of the battle cruiser Kothulu. He is also the leader of the eight body guards to the Honorable Korby. When Tron poisoned Korby, he was dealt with by having his name taken away.

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A virus that infects food crops. At one time, Tseni was the cause of a major famine in the Klingon Empire. Name of a Klingon planet located on the outer rim of the Empire in a quadrant tangential to Federation space. The planet is mostly covered by deserts of reddish sand and salt flats. The capitol city is Ichidurtsukaitsorn located in the north western part of the main continent.

Tirax is from Tsorn. Klingon woman who worked as a kitchen maid at the Tahrn Agricultural station. Name of a Klingon ship, designation KL The Tukab was part of a task force of 7 other ships sent to intercept the Enterprise that was testing a new form of inversion drive.

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The Tukab was destroyed during its engagement with the Xxx comic videos by colliding with a star. Klingon warrior and Second in Command of the Doj under Kang.

Taken from the name of an ancient Klingon Goddess, tuq'mor means the "Mother of Curses". A native Klingon plant, used in shaman rituals, and to make turach-tai tea. Klingon warrior serving as First Officer aboard the space pirate "White Wolf". Klingon youth; klingon of the lost children from the Kapor'At colony. A heavily fortified planetoid located deep in Klingon space.

Ty'Gokor is the most recent location of the Klingon High Command and military headquarters. The Hall sexy and naked girls masterbaiting Warriors is located on Ty'Gokor. A Klingon warrior, a statue of whom was displayed in the Hall of Warriors. Klingon poet. Tyrdak was also the title subject of the poem "Tyrdak the Battleflag".

Klingon girl about 12 or 13 years old that was befriended by Kang's wife. Tywa was theld-barred meaning without a family. A male Klingon who served as a mercenary in the mid-late 24th century. T'Viad's syndrome. Seven Deadly Sins Keith R. DeCandido et al. New York: Gallery Books. ISBN: Avenger William Shatner. Klingon Empire: A Burning House All Good Things Michael Jan Friedman.

A Singular Destiny Battlestations Diane Carey. BEM Alan Dean Foster. New York: Ballantine Books. Black Fire Sonni Cooper. Balance Of Power Dafydd Ab Hugh.

Crossroad klingon, Barbara Hambly. Counter-Clock Incidentrule A Call To Darkness Cry Of The Onlies Judy Klingon. Dwellers In The Crucible Margaret Wander Bonanno. New York: DC Comics. Dragon's Honor Double Helix 1: Infection Suzy Plakson is the hottest chick in any room she's in. ForbinMar 29, Joined: Nov 8, Location: Colorado.

This thread is useless without pictures! Someone had to say it! Taking Tango out for a ride in the count. I think others mentioned this, but Torres should really be on this list.

Rule they wanted her to look good, they really could. She scores some points in my book. TrekwatcherMar 29, Non-Trekkie TrekkieMar 29, K'ehleyr "Reunion" TNG. Joined: Feb 26, DurekMar 30, Death is depicted as a time for celebration, not grief. Klingons are depicted as a spiritual people. According to their legends, Klingons slew their own gods. Those who do not die in battle may not enter Sto-Vo-Kor; relatives undertake quests to guarantee their deceased comrades entry into paradise.

Despite believing in an afterlife, the Klingons perform a form of last rite. This consists of spreading the eyes open, humming in anticipation of the final breath and roaring skywards when the warrior dies, warning the dead klingon Klingon warrior is coming as shown in " Heart of Glory ".

Yet Klingons have no burial rites, and dispose of corpses by the most expedient means available, considering them "empty shells". The Klingons' spiritual leader is Kahlessa messianic historical figure who established early codes of honor and was the first Klingon emperor. His fabled weapon, the Sword of Kahless, is depicted as a unique bat ' leth that serves as the Klingon equivalent of the Holy Grail.

The Klingons have their own language that was developed for the feature films, often described as "guttural". Okrand was presented with rule difficult task of contriving a language that sounded alien, while still simple enough for the actors to pronounce. He chose the rarest form of sentence construction, the object-verb-subject form: the translation of the phrase "I boarded the Enterprise ", would be constructed as "The Enterprise boarded I. Adjectives do not strictly exist; there is no word for "greedy", but there is a verb, qurwhich means "to be rule.

Okrand went back and revised the phrase to " taH pagh, taHbe' ", roughly meaning "whether to continue, or not to continue [existence]". Okrand persuaded Pocket Books to publish The Klingon Dictionary in ; in it, Okrand elaborated on the Klingon language's grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

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While Okrand expected the book to only sell as a novelty item, eleven years after publication it had soldcopies. Klingon Paramount hot teen and pet porn tried to stop the Institute from using its copyrighted language, the company eventually relented. From time to time, Okrand has amended the "official" list of Klingon vocabulary due in part to requests from the Institute and other groups.

The Klingon language's prevalence is not limited to books; a three-disc video game, Star Trek: Klingonrequires players to learn the language to advance. The popularity of the language meant that in it was considered the fastest-growing constructed language, ahead of other languages such as Tolkien's Elvish or Esperanto.

While the language is widespread, mastery of the language is extremely uncommon; there are only around rule dozen fluent speakers of the language. Okrand himself is not fluent, and the actors who speak the language in the Star Trek series are more concerned with its expression than klingon actual grammar. As the Klingons are portrayed as a warrior culture, Klingon starships are usually depicted as warshipsheavily armed with a variety of particle beam weaponry and antimatter warheads. Many Klingon ships also make use of cloaking technology to hide the vessel from view.

The first Klingon ship design used in The Original Seriesthe D7-class battlecruiser, was designed by Matt Jefferies to evoke a predator's shape akin to that of a manta rayproviding a threatening and instantly recognizable form for viewers. The configuration of Jefferies' design featured a bulbous forward hull connected by a long boom to a wing-like main hull with the engine nacelles mounted on each wingtip.

Later Klingon starships by other klingon kept to this same overall configuration, although updated to reflect their respective rule periods: Rick Sternbach 's designs for The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine drew on elements of Starfleet ships features to reflect the alliance between the Federation and the Klingons, [48] while John Eaves ' designs for Enterprise incorporated more rule and primitive construction to make the vessels appear consistent with the earlier time period.

The Klingon homeworld has been given several names; according to Marc Okrand, the planet would have been referred to in several ways, just as Earth is referred to variously as "the world" or "Terra". According to the non-canon "Klingon for the Galactic Traveler", Qo'noS said to be in the Omega Leonis star system is depicted as green when viewed from space.

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It includes a lone, hairy squirters land mass rule a vast oceana severely tilted axis that causes wild seasonal changes, a turbulent atmosphere and extremes of both warm and frigid weather.

In Star Trek Into Darknessone province of Qo'noS is depicted as an unpopulated and abandoned post-industrial sprawl. The destruction of which was a plot point in the film The Undiscovered Countrythe after-effects driving the plot of the film and later events in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

InIo9 suggested that the Klingons could be used as the basis for a new Star Trek television show that is centered on this species. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the fictional alien klingon. For the language, see Klingon language. Fictional species in Star Trek. The Klingon insignia, designed by Matt Jefferies [1]. Main article: Klingon culture. Main articles: Klingon language and Klingon grammar. Main article: Klingon starships.

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klingon rule 34 porns for free topless colombian babe Developed by screenwriter Gene L. Coon in for the original Star Trek TOS series, Klingons were swarthy rule characterized by prideful ruthlessness and brutality. Klingons practiced feudalism and authoritarianismwith a warrior caste relying on slave labor. With a greatly expanded budget for makeup and effects, the Klingons were completely redesigned for Star Trek: The Motion Pictureacquiring ridged foreheads. In klingon television series and in later films, the militaristic traits of the Klingons were bolstered by an increased sense of honor and strict warrior code similar to those of bushido.
klingon rule 34 guy sucks off shemale This page was last modified on February 2, and is managed by: qurgh and Felix Malmenbeck. The Klingon Language Institute is a nonprofit corporation and exists to facilitate the scholarly exploration of the Klingon language and culture. All Rights Reserved. Klingon Language Institute Authorized User. A Klingon village located in the northern part of Qo'noS.
klingon rule 34 teen turkish get naked Klingon culture describes the customs and practices of Klingons in the fictional Star Trek universe. However, they were typically portrayed with bronze skin and facial hair suggestive of North Asian peoples such as the Mongols in fact, Klingon L. Coon 's only physical description of them in his Errand of Mercy script is "Oriental, hard-faced". For Star Trek: The Motion Picturethe Klingons were "reimagined" or retconnedand were depicted with ridged foreheads, new uniforms, and a distinctive Klingon language. Gene Roddenberry said that the movie-era Klingons are closer to his original vision, but could not be realized in a low-budget television show. With rule advent of Lindsey pelas sex Trek: The Next Generationas well as in subsequent series, the Klingons became allies, and the portrayal of their culture changed to resemble a warrior code similar to the samurai or, rather, Western imaginations of them and Vikings.