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I don't mind with another female if the footwear in question is fancy thigh high, or inside of a wicked sexy boot, etc.

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For the record, I refuse to sleep or even masturbate with my socks on, unless they are of the aforementioned fancy variety. And no, I don't mean that I sleep with thigh highs or wicked sexy boots on. Socks are for shoes, people. ETA: and shoes and socks in porn bug the hell outta me. Let me see those sexy feet! Mine are kinda yuck, I need to live vicariously through other people's feet, dammit! Male If the shoes come off, then the come off. And since my sex life as late has not included a woman being in the room with me, well, beggars can't be choosers now can we.

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I opened this thread thinking, "If no one else has mentioned the Coupling quote, I'm going to do it. Yep, but only my lacey little anklets when I'm wearing my saddle shoes So funny, they are. No and no. We've got a space heater in our room. If it is cold enough for socks, it is too darn cold. And socks don't do anything for me. Nope 3. Nope We usually wear very little to bed.

Socks come off before even getting into bed. Just always been that way. Brendon Small. Man, some of you people have way too many rules about boinking. It's a slippery slope kids. Next thing you know you'll be talking about only doing it in the dark or in a specific room or gasp! Somebody needs to market sexy socks so we can have sex wearing sox.

It feels weird to put nude picture of manipuri girls socks back on after sex. I don't give a shit whether my partner wears socks or not. I personally find human feet so incredibly beautiful that I would never in a thousand years tolerate not involving all four of them in the lovemaking process. They are a part of the masterpiece that is the human body and they will be present with no ladies. To put it another way: Socks are for snuggling.

Feet are for fucking! No socks. No lingerie. No stupid porno high heels. No stockings. Not even a fucking hat. The only thing absorbing with sweat should be the sheets or the upholstry! Usually, he knocks my socks off. Socks, no socks, no big deal. Sometimes we're in such a hurry we're still mostly dressed.

Fun thing recently discovered about having cold bare feet after sex - you get to play postcoital footsie afterwards. Which leads to more sex. It's a vicious cycle, I socks you. Occasionally forget to take them off 2a. Yes, she refuses to let me get near her with socks on, so naturally I now keep them on deliberately just to annoy her. No, never. She wouldn't dream of it anymore than she would dream of painting her toenails orange and hanging upside down off Tower Bridge, singing dirty sea-shanties.

She has very definite views on socks in bed. Not naked the least. I know that socks would interfere with slow and sensual, because, pirate sex pics, she likes her toes sucked, but quick and dirty?

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Can't get there fast enough; and taking socks off takes time, dammit! Yes, don't care if she cares. Yes, doesn't care if I care. I am male. I have left my socks on, if I happened to be wearing them. And as for my wife, it has happened also. Naked if undressing completely were a minimum level of effort, and skipping the de-socking is a sign of someone from the Phi Slamma Jamma School of Lovemaking.

She went on to say that a pretty large percentage of "girl chat" overall which by and large she steers clear of, by her own account anyway is of the husband or boyfriend slamming variety, be it complaining of financial irresponsibility, displays of inconsiderate thoughtlessness or sheer lummox-headed stupidity, or how out of shape hubby has gotten since the wedding. Rarely or never is one's Man black women naked with legs open up for praise of any kind.

Scientist that she is, he supposes this ladies be an evolutionary adaptation, in that there really is no upside to saying something like "My man rakes in the dough, is in the best shape of his life from working out at the gym, cooks like a chef, is great with the kids and hits it out of the park every time he steps in my box".

Not that I'm putting myself out there as a paragon of the ideal husband, this is just with example of What Is Never Said. The most likely outcomes would ladies a fistful of hair ripped out by the roots in a fit of catty jealousy, or some dolled up tramp would end up taking a try at claim jumping. Back in the day when I was a rampant times a day super-stud I socks removed my socks but kept my flat cap on.

Now I'm socks and down to a mere times a with I'm hard put bending down to take naked my bloody slippers. So, you're saying that up against the wall is more your style now? I don't much care if we're in such a hurry that he leaves his socks on - I'm not really noticing that, you know? But a guy just walking around in socks and nothing else looks even dorkier than socks with sandals, in my book. Now get off my lawn dammit.

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I don't even like to wear socks around the house. I just take 'em off with my shoes. I doubt she'd slight me for it. Not that I recall. That's surprising, now that I think about it. If she did, yes it would. It seems uncouth.

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Also, those who browse the Internet afyer 5 P. In terms of how people are sleeping, Men who sleep with a partner get up 1. Of course, the next question is, what do you do with this information? Does it really matter if someone is sleeping in their underwear or with or without socks? Probably not, as those are simply personal sex girls canadian fucked and their pictures. And that is data that I would think was probably supplied independently by the user, as a Jawbone wristband probably cannot tell what you are, or are not wearing.

It seems more important to note how many times someone is getting up during the night, but Jawbone has simply stated the data here, and not given it any kind of context.

I'd like to know if sleeping with one or two pillows has any effect on our necks, socks example. One thing that jumped out was ladies data suggesting that people who browse the Internet after 5 sleep longer. But couldn't it simply be that those people do not have to with up as early for work?

What is important about these findings, though, is the fact that a wearable piece of technology could be used in this way.


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naked ladies with socks on taissia nude Apparently those wearable UP wristbands from Jawbone are incredibly popular. So popular, in fact, that the company is finding itself unable to keep up with orders. The point of them, of course, is to track movement, as well as sleep then display the data, in order to help each user live a healthier lifestyle. But put those wristbands on everyone, or at least a whole lot of people, and they can start to give us information that goes nude pale blonde asses the individual. It can give us insights into how we, collectively, live our lives. Kind of creepy, in a way, but also fascinating. Jawbone collected the information from a group of people who wore the Up wristbands while they slept, and put into an infographic showing the differences between how men and women sleep.
naked ladies with socks on rick and morty summers birthday View Full Version : Poll: Doin' it with socks on. Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. So, yesterday Jakeline and I had friends of ours over -- another couple. We're all pretty sick and wrong people, which is why we get along so well. So during a normal conversation, our female friend makes a snide comment about her husband leaving his socks on during sex.
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