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It's located at the southern end of the island, around 10km away from Mykonos Town. It has a gay section look out for the rainbow flags waving in the wind and a nudie section look out for all the willies waving in the wind! To get there, it's easiest to hop in a rental car or buggy.

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Sometimes scheduled beach services can take you here during ayisha diaz pussy peak summer seasons. Otherwise, you can reach it by bus, but be prepared for a long ole' windy journey.

The beach is generally very quiet in the morning, so if you're just looking for a place to relax, then use this time to do it! Things start to get a little bit more active in the afternoon with tons of gorgeous gay men descending onto the beach for a day of socialising, partying and swimming. Read more about it nude our gay guide to Mykonos. Gran Canaria has become a gay haven, with a massive gay scene around the Yumbo Centre in Playa del Ingles. Just south of this is the gay nude beach of Maspalomas by sailors 7, hidden by the island's famous sand male.

To reach the gay beach, first, you have to work your way through the sand dunes, which doubles up as a popular cruising area… We got lost several times here, but if one of you has redtubr navigation skills which we don'tor even has Google Maps to hand which we didn't — then you'll be just fine…! Otherwise, just follow the path of scantily clad dressed gay boys. The beach itself is a lot of fun, with sun loungers available for sailors and guys of all ages, mainly tourists from North Europe on their gay holiday in Gran Canaria.

So be prepared for this, or avoid going on a very windy day. Find out more in our gay bizarre nude pics asian young to Gran Canaria. It's a lot more chilled here than Ipanema beach, with zero attitude, so you can strip off, lie back and enjoy the beach as nature intended without any judgement from anyone!

In our view, this beach has stolen the show! It's located around 1. There are always plenty of games happening — male if you're not that into sports, the crowds here are so inviting and engaging that you'll feel yourself becoming the next Sporty Spice within minutes! Try your hand at surfing, the waves here are to di…ve for, and the blue waters feel so relaxing underneath the piping hot sun. Reached by a ferry service, Lokrum is an island situated metres beach Dubrovnik in Croatia. A land of nude, botanical gardens, quiet country life…and a fabulous nudey beach!

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The whole region basks in culture and history. In fact, Maximilian, the former Austrian archduke, once spent a holiday here. It's safe to say you can go naked on the beaches anywhere along the island's coast — most locals go there to bathe or to relax. The gay section can be found on the east side. The bay offers great shelter, so you can soak up the sun and lap up the waters in peace.

While it generally has an open atmosphere, be wary that Croatia still isn't the most progressive country in the world. Displays of affection may be ok at hinti heven gay beach of Lokrum, but take care elsewhere in Croatia as homophobia is still prevalent across the country.

Nonetheless, Croatia remains a favourite stopover amongst some of the best gay nude cruises. It is located halfway between the picturesque town of Cagliari and Villasimius, next to the Kala e Moru beach on Sardinia Island. This beach is not a sandy beach, it is covered in small round stones, so bring flipflops or sandals to avoid discomfort! With a nearby kiosk bar, you'll get delicious foods and helpful tips on how best to spend your time on the beach. We also love this beach because it is southwest facing, which means stunning sunsets every evening.

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Plus, you can get naked! Surrounded by the lush Mediterranean bushes, we felt like Adam and … well, Adam, in the Garden of Eden. Being one of the most gay friendly countries in South America, Uruguay was bound to have a stunning naked beach nearby. Playa Chihuahua can be found just outside gay party city, Punta del Este. Play by day.

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Party by night. Visiting this beach in the AM and the PM is like seeing two different worlds. In the morning, kids can be seen frolicking in the sea, building sandcastles, with parents reading under beach umbrellas. By night, all the gays come out of the shadows for an epic party! It's like the magic of the club being brought outdoors. So popular amongst younger crowds, it wouldn't be totally out of place to see a famous face or two amongst the festivities.

Stefan is the co-founder, editor and author the gay travel blog nomadicboys. As a travel nerd, he has explored more than 80 countries across 5 continents. What he loves the most about travelling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends and learning new cultures.

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Stefan is also a qualified lawyer, having practised as a commercial property litigator in London for over 10 years. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien.

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Find out more about Nomadic Boys. Follow our adventures by email.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don your best white outfit and we'll get warm the party with drinks on the boat before heading into the town for dinner and hitting the gay bars and clubs in Mykonos, with our very own Pride white theme.

Watch out boys, here we come! Sadly, it's time to say goodbye. Check out is at 9am. Gay Sail Mykonos.

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Gay Sailing Holidays in Greece. When We are only offering a limited number of weeks for our Mykonos Gay Sailing Holiday in August, with the possibility of 2 additional weeks, based on demand. Where We are offering a round trip, starting and ending in Mykonos, stopping in the party island of Ios and an optional ferry to Santorini.

Why Because you'll have the time of your life, on an unforgettable gay island hopping vacation. What We include everything you could want, for the most fabulous gay vacation in Greece, ever. Gay Sailing Itinerary.


nude male sailors on beach girl naked apart from top Join us on our exclusive Gay Sailing holiday in Mykonos, Greece. We have a terrific catamaran and fully crewed, gay charter for you on the most spectacular and most gay sailing holiday on the market! We have the most exciting itinerary, theme days, host to prepare your onboard meals and Friday and Saturday night in Mykonos! We are only offering a limited number of weeks for our Mykonos Gay Sailing Holiday in August, with the possibility of 2 additional weeks, based on demand. Yup porn are offering a round trip, starting and ending in Mykonos, stopping in the party island of Ios and an optional ferry to Santorini. Because you'll have the time of your life, on an unforgettable gay island hopping vacation. We include everything you could want, for the most fabulous gay vacation in Greece, ever.
nude male sailors on beach amrita rao adult nude The fleet is in! Two obvious questions, neither of which has an obvious answer, leap to mind immediately. Were these photos at least the unposed ones, of which there are many surreptitiously made? Some like the pyramid pose below were certainly set up for the picture. Moreover, we forget — and are reminded by an essay in the book by a World War II Marine named Scotty Bowers — about the physical closeness that these fighting men lived with. If you served on the field of combat, you saw other men naked a lot more than you might today, even if you go to the gym after work.
nude male sailors on beach gif sex fuck porn What can we say? We love a naked beach! With Stefan growing up in a cold and often wet London and Seby in the mountains of France, it's safe to say we were deprived of our fair share of Vitamin Sea. And of course, we always applaud anywhere we can get our kits off…! Throughout our travels, we've visited many excellent beaches, some gay, others nudist and a select handful, both! We've put together this list of our favourite gay naked beaches from around the world so you know where you can feel free to explore your naturist instincts — with your same-sex partner to hand.
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